What is Giclée?

Mad River Canoe

A print often cannot capture the essence of an original artwork, but not all prints are alike. Giclée prints – made on high-resolution inkjet printers that often use additional in colors for truer color reproduction – offer the finest quality imaging outside purchasing the artists original painting.

What makes an Olga Dorenko Giclée superior?

Olga partners only with leading giclée artisans to ensure the highest attention to detail in reproducing her original works in the giclée format. From there, Olga personally prepares each giclée to ensure that it provides long-lasting beauty in your home or business.

Each giclée is created using the same rigorous process to ensure its quality and longevity:

  • Olga’s giclée partner takes an extremely high-resolution digital photograph of her original work.
  • The giclée partner prints the image on high quality canvas. These prints are printed on the highest quality substrates (base materials) for long life.
  • Olga stretches each giclée print on a wooden frame, like an original painting.
  • Each piece is handled and embellished by Olga herself once printed. Olga does not employ helpers or assistants, because she insists on each client receiving a work with a personal investment in detail and quality.
  • Olga applies a second protective clear coat for durability.

Produced in limited editions of twenty-five copies for newer works. (Some older works have larger additions.)

Olgas Signature